Providing non-invasive fat reduction through CoolSculpting®

Providing non-invasive fat reduction through CoolSculpting is the spark that initiated this new center to help women and men achieve their body goals. Providing the best body sculpting, anti-aging experience is our passion. Convenientl, located on 95th Street in Oak Lawn, NeosLife is a spa created by physicians with commitment to providing the very best care for our patients. Our medical professions have decades of experience caring for patients with the utmost detail, comfort and expertise.

Each woman and man is invited for a free consultation so that we can provide the very best advice and create a personalized treatment plan so we can achieve your goals.

Our comfortable treatment room features a snack bar, wide screen TV with Netflix. You can nap, read, text friends or binge-watch your favorite shows while receiving painless treatments.

Each of our CoolSculpting experts  has received extensive training in the art of body contouring, having graduated from  Coolsculpting University in Reston, Virginia. As such, each of our providers are fully certified to consult, assess and treat both men and women of all ages.

After years of providing care to women throughout their lifespan, and counselling them through body changes that come with pregnancy, stress, menopause and illness, Dr. Chronopoulos, Dr. Elser and Mary Bisaga, CNP recognized the importance of good body image and its effect on an individual’s physical and emotional well-being.  

Their careers in medicine have provided them the unique ability to instantly impact the quality of a patient’s life.  It is their priority and passion to offer opportunities, like Coolsculpting, for patients to enhance and improve their own well-being.