Providing non-invasive fat reduction through CoolSculpting®

Kind Words From Our Clients...

"I had 2 treatments with CoolSculpting. I was nervous and excited at the same time. I decided to have the treatments due to having a cesarean section almost 13 years ago and I could not get rid of my excess stomach fat. Mary Bisaga did both of my treatments and let me tell you, she is AWESOME!!! She made me feel so comfortable in my own skin.

I have noticed changes in the way my clothing fits now. My husband even complimented me on my appearance as well. I will recommend CoolSculpting to anyone who is contemplating on getting this treatment done. Trust me when I tell you, you will be satisfied!!! I will continue future treatments."

— Katherine J.

"Being 60 and struggling my whole life with being overweight, CoolSculpting, I felt, was a new beginning for me. I read up on the process, and believed this was for me. The day of my CoolSculpting, I was a little nervous but the staff made my whole experience amazing. I was made very comfortable, everything was explained, and time flew by. It has only been 5 weeks and I can already see a change, can’t wait to see myself in 12 weeks. Also, I am no motivated to exercise and follow a healthy diet. Thank you so much!"

— Nancy S.

"My name is Sonia and for some time now, I have been contemplating cosmetic surgery to have some problem areas “fixed”. When Cool Sculpting was first introduced I was skeptical, as anyone who has never heard of it before would be. When I attended the seminar I was extremely impressed and thought how incredibly amazing it would be to achieve the same results as invasive surgery without the invasive part of it! Let me start by sharing with you that for over a year now I’ve been on a weight loss journey that has taken a total of 95lbs. off my body. That in and of itself was obviously not enough to regain my once youthful slimmer looking self. It seemed that no matter how much weight I lost my double chin simply would not disappear. The solution? Cool Sculpting!!

I figured why not, after all if it does not work it’s not a painful procedure to go through! On the plus side if it does work, it’s fat that will NEVER return to the treated area! Once the decision was made, I was anxious to have it done as soon as possible. The process itself is very simple and quick, I had little discomfort, mostly because I could not swallow. Once the area was cooled or frozen I did not feel anything. Once done, all I felt was a numbing sensation for a couple of days and light bruising. Let me tell you that within one month of having the procedure done, I saw results, as did my family and friends!

I was over the moon and even more impressed than ever! I can honestly say that having Cool Sculpting done has boosted my confidence and I would definitely recommend it over and over again!"

— Sonia